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The Path to
Zero Energy
Heating & Cooling

Thermii integrates Zero-cost  Zero-Carbon Energies from Waste Drain, Ambient Air & Solar Rays for building air heating & cooling needs along with providing hot water

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Better for Business, Better for the Planet

Thermii Technology saves 70% energy in water heating and space cooling in the buildings. With its integration with renewable energy Thermii is able to make a building run on Zero-Energy, Thus, saving tens of thousands of dollars on operating costs.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Thermii's patented technology uses waste drain as a  major source of energy. A refrigeration cycle is used in the process to achieve 75% saving in energy in heating water and building air. This break-through technology enable efficient heating even at extreme cold weather conditions where current heat pump heating doesn't work.


Integration of Energy Sources

Drain Energy

A building like Hotel uses water. After use most of the water goes to the drain. Thermii's technology extracts all the energy from the waste drain and uses it for heating water

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Air Energy

During warm weather, Thermii's technology extracts energy from ambient air and heats water. The byproduct in this process is cool air that is used for space cooling in the building


Solar Energy


Air Energy

To operate Thermii's  product in generating heating and cooling,  a smaller amount of electricity is needed. It can be generated from solar pv panels

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