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Zero-Energy Dream Starts Today

We Made
a Promise


We, at Thermii, promised to produce products & services to reach "net zero" emission goal.

Thermii has formulated a breakthrough concept regarding “drain energy” and developed a cost effective method to extract energy from a drain to heat a liquid using fundamentals of refrigeration science.  

Global Market Insights, Inc. predicts a 30 billion dollars market by 2024 for heating water alone.

EPA estimates that about 43 percent of all energy use is in the heating & cooling. Globally, this amounts to trillion-dollar opportunity.  However, there are problems associated with the current technology, particularly during cold weather. This prevents mass level adaptations of energy efficient heating & cooling.

Thermii’s founder, Sunil Sinha, has solved the technological and adaptability issues to save 75% energy, targeting 30 billion dollars market. He is a serial entrepreneur and had a pioneering venture in the renewable energy & energy efficiency technologies with 15+ patents.

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Biz Development Manager

We are looking for business development people for our commercial sales

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