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Thermii Inc Announces Launch of its Breakthrough Energy Saving Product for Restaurants and Hotels

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Our innovative water heating solution will save thousands of dollars in energy costs and increase the profitability of Restaurants and Hotels.” said Sunil Sinha, CEO of Thermii.


Thermii is a provider of breakthrough energy-saving technology solutions. Today, it announced the first installation of its technology at a popular Japanese restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii. This will be followed by several hundreds of other installations earmarked for the next few months at prestigious restaurants, resorts, hotels and convention centers in Hawaii.

“Our solution will solve a long-standing issue that the restaurant experienced where the existing water heating system is not able to meet the growing demand for hot water for sanitation and other purposes,” said Sunil Sinha, Inventor and CEO of Thermii, Inc. “Moreover, going forward, with our solution they will be able to save up to 87.5% of energy bills for water heating and air-cooling at the restaurants while scaling up for any growth in demand as customer traffic increases. As a past resident of Hawaii and a graduate of the University of Hawaii I always wanted to do something to address the high energy costs here using innovative and eco-friendly technology and I am glad to be able to bring this technology to Hawaii.”

Thermii, Inc. focuses on providing their solutions to major users of hot water such as restaurants, laundromats, resorts, hotels, to cut down their energy bills up to 87.5% while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint at each location. Thereby Thermii will help them to become more eco-friendly and become part of the energy savings and recycling strategy as Hawaii forges ahead with the 2050 Sustainability Plans.

ABOUT THERMII THERMII Inc. has focused on the energy efficiency innovations to cut the energy costs associated with commercial usage of hot water, such as dishwashing, sanitation, clothes laundering, showers, etc. Thermii has developed patent-pending technology that can heat the water from renewable sources of energy.

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