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Well Inspection
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Sink Pipe

     Waste Drain 
A Source of Energy


      Ambient Air
A Source of Energy

Reaching Out to the Sun

      Solar Light
A Source of Energy

How it works

Thermii Patented Technology, based on refrigeration science, enables efficient transfer of heat from renewable sources for heating & cooling of space and liquid. A fraction of energy used as electricity to run the motors and that can be supplied by solar power. This is Thermii's zero-energy vision.

Thermii generate thermal energy from three renewable sources:

  1.     Waste Drain

  2.     Ambient Air

  3.     Solar Light

Energy from Drain

After shower or cleaning with hot water, the warm water goes to the drain. All the heat is extracted from the drain efficiently by Thermii technology. The same fundamental is applied to any liquid or heating & cooling drain liquid in commercial and industrial usages.

Waste Drain from a building has enough energy to heat.& cool air and heat water

Drain Energy_edited.png

Energy from Air

Heat is extracted from ambient air by flowing it over evaporator having cool refrigerant.. The refrigerant is compressed to a high temperature used for heating water. The ambient air gets cool in the process and is used for air conditioning in the building. The same fundamental process is used for heating heating & cooling any liquid and air.


Energy from Sun

Thermii products takes about 25% of energy as electricity to run motors and produces 100% of thermal energy. The 25% of energy can be supplied by solar photovoltaic panels that would make the system operate on zero-energy. 

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